tealtraum asked
Would you recommend any youtube casters as examples to learn from, or would you say it's better to watch replays and pick things up yourself? /inexperiencedsilverleaguer

day9 or watch streamers when they do self commentary

catalystism asked
Hi, can you please post me your stream settings (like bitrate, quality, reso) please? Thank you.

It’s in the streaming information on my site

gamerx1000 asked
What happened to Rage-esports?

We parted ways, it wasn’t mean to me. It wasn’t them it was me. We needed a break, it was a tough break-up (some of these answers may or may not be trollish)

elijah0100 asked
Why are your in-game colors different than mine? (Default)

I honestly have no clue =)

furryhusky asked
Hi des, I'm quite noob and have difficulty against terran , they mass so fast with marauders and marines how do i even hold them off ?

I’m not too sure if you’re talking about 2racks pressure or 3 racks all in but 2gate robo into 1 base collosus will do the trick if ur losing to 3racks all in. As for 2racks pressure 3 gate or 2gate robo with a quick immortal will usually hold them off. It’s all about micro/positioning

w-cry asked
Hihi Desrow, I'm currently playing often with a friend (PvZ) and I mostly end up getting owned by a Hydra/Nydus push when I open FFE. It seems impossible to me to scout that since the 1. Nydus occurs at ~8:30 min, because my observer scouts his base too late to react and hallucination cannot be ready if I want to research warpgate AFAP. Am I just fucking up my game or is there a possibilty to avoid dying to that without getting Colossi blindly?

Try to sneak a probe in their base and see if they go fast lair if they do go collosus or go fast blink

overboard1364 asked
Only one question... and it will seem very very newbie, how do I drop like you? For some reason i watch alot of your streaming and playing and i see you drop your units as your moving... I can't figure out how to do that!!

Press d and click on the warp prism

saint131 asked
Is your whole income based in Starcraft 2, eg. coaching, streaming, etc.


sgrundmann asked
Hey Desrow, i want to buy a few hour of coaching but i had a question, do you make yourself available to past/current students who have questions through email, ingame chat, or skype, after their couple hour of coaching is up?

Of course I do. I won’t write you an entire book or explain to you a new build via chat but I will answer your questions and try to solve your problems.

hoesa asked
Hey des can you run the program WhatPulse some matches for us ? It counts how many mouse and keyboard clicks you do. Also youll get a account online where we can track your stats ! (My account: http://whatpulse.org/stats/users/314298/ ) It's a very little program so it won't slow down your pc! The place to download is here : http://whatpulse.org/

My average apm is between 200-210 APM. I don’t feel like going thru the trouble of getting that program. Hope you understand =P